Bicep Album

Deep bass in the chest; audio waves. How does this translate music to a visual output without being finite or tremendously precise?
Free from the individual and in tune with the audio: the collective brain is as ambiguous and as emotional as it might be as a visual system.
On a quest to find multiple interpretations we were invited by Royal Studio to a collaborative design vortex with Ana Types Type, Xesta Studio and himself to step right in and generate analogue graphics as systematic abstractions that would allow innumerous digital compositions to frame either specific rhythms — the singles — micro/macro spaces — the album, and live Vj footage — the motion campaign ofr instagram and Facebook.
We’ve designed each moment as part of a system that has the flexibility to fuel content for printed objects as well as motion design visuals for 4 singles, 1 debut album and live Vj content used in Led walls and video projection stages.


Royal Studio


Ana Types TypeRoyal Studio, Xesta Studio


Graphic Design, Live Visuals, Motion Graphics